Pleasant Garden Elementary School teacher wins grant for two-day Morehead Mobile Planetarium experience

From time to time, we receive heartfelt thank you letters that demonstrate better than anything the impact of The Enrichment Fund for the Guilford County Schools. We are delighted to share their stories and words of gratitude from students and teachers who’ve benefited from our support.

Dear Board Members of The Future Thinkers, Doers and Innovators Fund, Established by Dun & Bradstreet, with the Enrichment Fund for the Guilford County Schools System, Inc.,

I am sending some of the notes that several of our 4th grade students wrote to thank me for writing the grant and receiving the $575 you graciously funded for the 2 days of the Morehead Mobile Planetarium from this educational fund.


Thank you again for extending this grant to an elementary school and adding $75.00 to the originally requested $500.00. The timing of the event was perfect for the end of 3rd grade science unit about the solar system and an extension for the 4th grade science unit and Schoolhouse Rocks, Jr. musical performed by grades 3 & 4.

Mr. Eakes was an excellent instructor and was well liked by the students. He even gave a jazz piano lesson to a class of 5th grade music students on March 28th!! This was yet another STEAM moment showing students that science educators can enjoy playing music as an adult.

It was a pleasure to work with this committee. I will always be grateful for your generosity and flexibility to our school this year. I hope your committee will consider funding STEAM projects in the future.


With kind regards,

Sarah Johnson, M.M.
K – 5 Music Teacher
Pleasant Garden Elementary School