Mini-Grants for Creative Hands-On Projects

The Guilford County Enrichment Fund encourages creative, hands-on classroom projects by providing grants to teachers who have innovative ideas on ways to supplement the curriculum.

For the 2022-2023 school year, The Enrichment Fund will partner with Donors Choose to select a day in late fall when all of the funding requests on Donors Choose that meet our criteria will be funded.

Grants will be awarded to projects in Guilford County schools that supplement the regular classroom curriculum and stimulate academic growth. Grants will not be awarded for performers, workshop leaders, tablets, computers, furniture, transportation, prepared food, supply lists, or instructional kits. Software purchases, including licenses and subscriptions, will only be considered if the software clearly enriches learning experiences.

Examples of past successful grants include funding for: materials to build a windmill to supplement reading The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind; a dinosaur dig with buried (cardboard) bones that had to be found and assembled; a classroom “zoo” of small animals to be cared for and studied. While funds will not be awarded to have an ice cream party, funds could be awarded for the ingredients for students to make ice cream and learn about change, temperatures, salt, etc. Similarly, while funds will not be awarded for performers or workshop leaders, funds could be awarded for the materials needed to do the activities and projects that often surround performances and workshops.

To see the list of the 2019 Mini-Grant recipients, please click here.

Grants can be partially funded.

Application Deadline
There will be a designated day in late fall when all of the requests on Donors Choose will be considered.

Grant recipients will be notified by Donors Choose and the awards will be made through Donors Choose.

Any questions about the mini-grants should be emailed to: