When we work together, a little goes a very long way

Guilford County Schools are home to creative, dedicated teachers and talented students who will soon be our community members, problem solvers and leaders. Our goal is simple: When they need us, we will be there. It’s hard to imagine that some students stay home from field trips because their families struggle to afford the fees or that teachers brimming with innovative ideas may never be able to bring them to life — but that’s the reality. Through The Enrichment Fund for the Guilford County Schools, we’re reaching students and teachers with the support they need. Thanks to a robust endowment, a committed board and donors like you, when we work together, a little goes a very long way.


How are you good stewards of my donation?

In addition to our main goal of helping create high-impact learning experiences, we are committed to managing donations and investments with great care. Because we are a private, not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization, all contributions to The Enrichment Fund are tax exempt. In addition, The Enrichment Fund is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Therefore, there are no costs for personnel, office space, supplies, etc. Your total donation is used to provide financial support to enhance the educational programs of the Guilford County Schools, aid students needing financial assistance, and encourage and reward creativity, innovation and outstanding teaching.

I don’t want to just donate. I want to be engaged. How can I become a sponsor?

If you, your business, or your organization would like to sponsor one of our ongoing programs or work with the Enrichment Fund to create a new scholarship, award or grant program, please contact the Chair of the Board of Directors at chairman@enrichmentfund.org. We are always receptive to new ways of enhancing the educational experiences of Guilford County students and we welcome your creativity and partnership.