Kiser 8th graders head to the Outer Banks

From time to time, we receive heartfelt thank you letters that demonstrate better than anything the impact of The Enrichment Fund for the Guilford County Schools. We are delighted to share their stories and words of gratitude from students and teachers who’ve benefited from our support.

“Every year, Kiser Middle School takes our 8th graders to the northern part of the Outer Banks. For a significant portion of our students, the Enrichment Fund makes this trip possible. The fund does not cover the entire cost of the trip, but it does provide enough assistance where many families can find a way to make the trip a part of their student’s year. Without the help of the Enrichment Fund, our staff might feel like the trip was not the best use of our time.”

“So, the Enrichment Fund makes the trip possible, and parents are universally grateful. They’re surprised that Guilford County has something built in like this, and once you tell them we can help them with part of the trip, they start thinking that they can make the rest of it happen.


“As for students, they’re sometimes reluctant to ask for help. But when I’m able to tell the students, ‘Hey, take this home to your mom. We can get you help on this trip,’ you can see it on their faces. They smile because they know with the help of the Enrichment Fund the trip can happen for them. “

Ed Whiteheart
A 22-year veteran science teacher at Kiser Middle School