Leah Louise B. Tannenbaum Award for Excellence in Reading Instruction

The Leah B. Louise Tannenbaum Award provides $2000 to an outstanding reading instructor.

General Information
Teachers who have been employed as reading teachers by the Guilford County Schools for a minimum of three years are eligible.

Nominees must demonstrate exceptional effort and professional skill in reading instruction and the development of reading competency.

The strongest nominees will demonstrate innovation as well as contributions to both student achievement and curriculum improvement.

The award recipient will receive $2000 paid over two years.

A nominee’s name and school may be submitted by any teacher, principal, parent, or member of the public to The Enrichment Fund so that an application can be sent to the nominee. Self-nominations are also encouraged.

No person or group may nominate more than two reading teachers.

A nominee may not have received the award within the past four years.

Application Deadline
May 1 (awarded only in odd-numbered years).

Application Requirements
The name and school of a nominee should be submitted to The Enrichment Fund at the address provided below for the completed application or via an email to: tannenbaum@enrichmentfund.org.

Nominees must complete the application form.

The completed application should be sent to: Enrichment Fund for the Guilford County Schools, Attn: Tannenbaum Teacher Award Nomination, P.O. Box 10208, Greensboro, NC 27404.

Any questions regarding the Leah Louise Tannenbaum Teacher Award for Excellence in Reading Instruction should be emailed to: Tannenbaum@enrichmentfund.org.


To receive an updated application, email: Tannenbaum@enrichmentfund.org