Eberhart Scholarship Award Recipient 2018

We are pleased to announce that, after assessing numerous outstanding candidates, the $1,500 Eberhart scholarship for 2018 is being awarded to Thi Vu, who ranks first in her class at the Middle College at UNCG.  Thi was born in Vietnam and came to the States in 2005, arriving in Greensboro in 2007, where she attended Allen Middle School before enrolling in the Middle College.  She will be attending UNC-CH and plans to be a pre-med major with the goal of becoming a doctor.  She has three siblings in college (NCCU, NCA&T, and Campbell).

After receiving notification that she will be receiving the scholarship, Thi wrote: 

Thank you for this so much. I am so pleased to have received this scholarship. This will help a lot in my college life and lessen the burden on my parents.